cad design

With the use of system CAD Pro/Engineer and Unigraphics, TSUNAMI is able to design any sort of three-dimensional project, starting from the preliminary study to the carrying out of finished components. The same accuracy and skill are applied in executing any BI-dimensional design as well as in traducing or transforming old drawings made with different systems (old CAD systems or hand drawn) in 2D drawings [or 3D solids]. Also in these cases the complete final assembly will be executed.

As for casting studies, TSUNAMI makes modelling of core boxes: the design process pays particular attention to tapers testing and to specific analysis of possible critical zones so that the best solution can be decided together with customers.
Furthermore the design process foresees interaction with the casting supplier for determining casting channels, coreprints, centerings, etc. in order to ensure shorter times of assembling procedures. As a matter of fact core boxes can be directly realised through numerical control systems and milled afterwards.

An interesting alternative not to be forgotten is the possibility to make use of definitive mathematics for sintering core boxes or outer components and for assembling with Rapid casting process.

Another relevant service offered by TSUNAMI is the possibility to apply 3-dimensional method to plates design in order to check developing and shorting.

TSUNAMI offers its resources to face new and fascinating challenges in any area where intelligence and innovation are the basis of new technological solutions.

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