introducing our-selves

TSUNAMI is a 3D mechanical design company with technical expertise in combustion engines settled in Rivalta, Turin, Italy. TSUNAMI aims at offering its support in design development not only by executing customers' projects but also by strictly co-operating with them in a co-design relationship in order to understand their particular needs.

TSUNAMI analyses problems and suggests solutions by discussing assembling and functional aspects with customers and by counselling them with its remarkable innovative skills which distinguish the company.

TSUNAMI is based on Dante R. Malatto's experience gained by working in the automotive field for over 15 years. His training career starts in the Rally area, passing through Centro Ricerche Fiat, where he makes his debut at Sports Engines Area; there he first designs F1 engine components, then studies research combustion engines in their whole, and finally makes prototypes and develops innovative solutions for series engines.

Thanks to the technical and strategic value of some of the solutions realised, they have been recognised in important patents:

EP0894956A2:  Spark-ignition internal combustion engine having a combustion chamber provided with three valves and central spark-plug
EP0894953A1: Cooling system for a motor-vehicle internal combustion engine
EP1035306A2   Internal combustion engine having separated cooling circuits for the cylinder head and the engine block.

Over the years, Malatto's knowledge grows wider so that he achieves to deal with remarkable tasks such as projects lay-out, work-team management, critical points evaluation and solving during the analysis phase, management of development, timing, logistics and assembling as well as analysis of outcomes based on bench tests.

Malatto's knowledge of CAD 3D software dates back to the early 90s and ranges from Euclid to Unigraphics passing through Catia and Pro/Engineer. TSUNAMI intends to enlarge its current combustion engines expertise field to a wider offer of its capability in exploiting the most modern design systems and implement it to other areas of mechanics.

TSUNAMI means to comply with customers' needs by offering the least intrusive support as possible and using internet technologies.
TSUNAMI is able to interpret in a correct and fast way customers' requests and to respect their deadlines as it distinguishes itself for an accurate and professional method of work.

introducing our-selves
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